Friday, March 13, 2009

Stolen Meme


took this from So Marjienalized. :-)

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Seven Things That Scare Me:
1. Never having sex again.
2. Getting Pregnant.
3. Evan getting some whore pregnant.
4. Something bad happening to Evan.
5. Evan growing up and being a bad man.
6. Spiders crawling in my mouth.
7. Spiders.

Seven Things I Like The Most
1. Chocolate
2. Cigarettes
3. Hugh Laurie
4. Books
5. Stuff
6. Thangs
7. Sex

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Seven Random Facts About Me
1. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue
2. My back hurts
3. I
4. don't
5. like
6. open-ended
7. questions!

Seven Important Things In My Bedroom
1. Underwear
2. Clothes
3. Another TV
4. Shoes
5. Vibrator
6. More books
7. Window Air Conditioner because it gets hot upstairs in the summer

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Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
1. what
2. ever
3. I
4. don't
5. have
6. a
7. bucket list

Seven Things I Can Do
1. Add RAM to my computer
2. Check the oil in my car.
3. Add air to my tires
4. Cook
5. Blog
6. Complain
7. Other shit

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Seven Things I Can’t Do
1. Jump (anymore)
2. Drive a stick shift
3. Pilot an airplane
4. Keep my house spotless
5. Put up with the public without taking a xanax
6. Put up with family for more than 1 hour without taking a xanax
7. Go a day without TV

Seven Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex
(This question is exclusionary, if that's a word. What about homosexuals?)
1. Hands
2. Facial Hair
3. Deep Voices
4. Sense of Humor
5. The fact that I don't have to speak to them every day without them thinking that I'm mad at them.
6. Penises
7. Legs

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Seven Things I Say The Most
1. Oh.
2. I don't care.
3. My back hurts.
4. Shut up.
5. Be quiet.
6. Stop doing that!
7. No.


  1. Ok - gotta tell you, I am totally addicted to House reruns and I don't know why. I think I might be a closet Hugh Lorie luster! Love the blog!

  2. That's a helluva a long meme, Angelika. Too long. Come on over and play with me. We can do the memes later.

    PS-you are lying about the cherry stem. All girls say that and none of them can. :)

  3. Adiva - Even closet Hugh Laurie fans should know how to spell his name...

    Max - Ain't not. I had a roommate who could do it in like 2 seconds. It takes me about 20, but I can do it! Why would I lie about something like that? It's not like I said I can put a whole soda can in my mouth or suck a bus through a straw...

  4. :)
    I still want little Angelika to come out and play.

  5. I, also, can do the cherry stem trick. Haven't been in a situation to impress anyone with that particular skill set in a while, but I'm sure it is just like riding a bike. Another in that particular set is that I can wiggle my ears. Max has inherited that muscle-isolation ability as well. We're a real sideshow family, apparently.

  6. Elle - Evan can arch both (or either) of his eyebrows and cross his eyes independently. He didn't get that from me.

    Apparently, the only thing he got from me was his smart mouth. :-)

  7. You actually STOLE a meme? I'm shocked. LOL


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