Monday, March 02, 2009



y license expired on 2/9/09. I realized it about the 20th when the woman @ Da Dolla Sto told me.

So MD drove me to get a new license (just in case they asked if I drove myself).

My back is hurting.

I didn't feel like doing my hair.

I just put on a bandanna over the dooky braids that I have in my hair now until I feel like relaxing it.

The chick told me that I couldn't wear a hat or a bandanna in the picture.

Me - Great, now I'm going to look like a drug addict or something.
She - Well, if you come back today we can take another picture and it won't cost extra. (30 miles to get down there...)
Me - No, I don't care that much.

I didn't even take my glasses off since my hair was FUCKED UP anyway.

4 years of this shit.

Double Chin in full view, glasses and 1 stray dooky braid.


Everyone else had a good laugh because I was grumbling about my hair and then as soon as I stood in front of the camera, I put on my fake smile.


Not funny, assmunchers!

Here are my former licenses for comparison.

I got those after work, so I already had makeup & contacts on.


Next time I forget (in 4 years, because I forgot in 2005 too) I'll just take the chance of driving myself and go when the fuck I want to instead of first thing in the morning on a day when my back is killing me.

For the record, I wrote 2 checks after getting my temporary license and no one said anything about the expiration date.

I'm not going to pull out the new one unless someone asks!
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  1. You should see mine! I had mine taken right after my daughter was born, maybe a month later. I was still fat, and tired. My hair is all over the place and it actually looked better than it had in a while even though it looked hideous. Double chin and all big circles under my eyes. In addition to the way I looked they must have just changed the bulbs in the flash because I look like there is a search light in my eyes which they might do on purpose so we look that way when we get pulled over. When I got divorced and changed my name back to my maiden name I went down to the DMV and hoped that I would get a new picture...Nope I'm stuck with the crappy one for another year or so.

  2. I truly believe that the DMV's real goal is to make everyone's license picture as hideous as possible. Great thinking with the multiple license though. I'll start using my old one so I can look younger haha.

  3. It seems silly for them to black out your last name and all of your address - how are you supposed to use it as an ID?

    I have been Twittering you all evening and now I find you aren't even following me. Since you aren't getting them, I am just going to stop it.

    I got my license renewed a few days ago too. But they made me put my last name and real address on it.

    And if you insult me by explaining why your last name and your address is blacked out I will not even LET you follow me on Twitter. And I was going to tell you the gorilla joke too.

  4. Max - I hardly ever sign on to Twitter. I just Plinky and have it sent to Twitter. I'm following you now. You can't stop me from it, either!

  5. You don't look like a drug addict! You have a very convincing fake smile :)

    My friend kept her 2nd license (better picture) for years and noone ever sad anything. Until the cop pulled her over and she gave him the wrong one. She was busted having two of them. :)

  6. LOL You do not look like a drug addict... you just look kinda like a happy prison escapee. Hahaha I'm just kidding. You should see mine. I look like I'm going to kill the guy because he kept telling me to smile after waiting for an hour for my name to be called. License photos are always a ... treat.


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