Monday, March 02, 2009



y license expired on 2/9/09. I realized it about the 20th when the woman @ Da Dolla Sto told me.

So MD drove me to get a new license (just in case they asked if I drove myself).

My back is hurting.

I didn't feel like doing my hair.

I just put on a bandanna over the dooky braids that I have in my hair now until I feel like relaxing it.

The chick told me that I couldn't wear a hat or a bandanna in the picture.

Me - Great, now I'm going to look like a drug addict or something.
She - Well, if you come back today we can take another picture and it won't cost extra. (30 miles to get down there...)
Me - No, I don't care that much.

I didn't even take my glasses off since my hair was FUCKED UP anyway.

4 years of this shit.

Double Chin in full view, glasses and 1 stray dooky braid.


Everyone else had a good laugh because I was grumbling about my hair and then as soon as I stood in front of the camera, I put on my fake smile.


Not funny, assmunchers!

Here are my former licenses for comparison.

I got those after work, so I already had makeup & contacts on.


Next time I forget (in 4 years, because I forgot in 2005 too) I'll just take the chance of driving myself and go when the fuck I want to instead of first thing in the morning on a day when my back is killing me.

For the record, I wrote 2 checks after getting my temporary license and no one said anything about the expiration date.

I'm not going to pull out the new one unless someone asks!
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