Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Can you believe this boy???????????


ook what Evan posted on his blog today.

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Can you believe this spoiled child???????

This from the child who continues to get C's on his report card.

This from the child that doesn't seem to understand that my only obligations are to feed and clothe him. That doesn't mean that I have to feed him shit he likes, just make sure he eats. He doesn't have to like his clothes, he just has to have clothes to wear.


I will give him a chance to tell me that he was just trying to be funny, but that seriously pisses me the fuck off.

Who does he think he is?


And break his back doing what, exactly? I really want to know this.

He doesn't understand that being a child does not exclude him from doing chores (like picking up after his own damned self) and that in exchange for me feeding and clothing him, he is expected to complete certain tasks. This house is not a democracy. I am the HNIC!!!!!!


Where's the Xanax?


  1. Relax, relate & release. How are you going to get through the teen years like this? You have to remember, you talk about him on your blog .. he's just doing what you do. ;-)

  2. Shae - Good point. Woosah. ;-)

  3. Haha! This is the funniest thing I've seen all day! I remember when I was a teenager and tried to act like my parents owed me something; it is the other way around. He will realize one day, until then keep telling him what you commented as a response to his post. Regards!

  4. @Online tutor

    Haha I too remember my teen years. I'll admit I was really spoiled and didn't appreciate all that my parents did for me.

    Oh and definitely keep telling him what you did in the comment.

  5. I loved your comment to him!!! LOVED IT!!!

    And you are right, kids today have little appreciation for all that we do for them! He will learn....

    Till then, keep your chin up, and keep the xanax close!!! :)

  6. Hahaha I loved the comment too! This is the best post I have seen today...*sigh* teenagers!

    I must say I was pretty bitchy too during my teenage years and now I am turned to an angel LOL!
    Really - when I was a teenager, I am always pouting when asked to do something.

  7. This made my day, Angelika! Being a mom myself, I know what you are talking about here. If only our kids saw things the way we do... LOL! Way to go, girl!

    Bing (",)


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