Monday, March 16, 2009

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ecause I'm getting tired of this Entrecard shit.

First, it was just a way to get more traffic and discover more blogs.

But then they changed something so that you basically had to accept all the ads from all the people who wanted to advertise on your blog.

In the beginning, I was more picky about whom I let advertise on my blog. If you've paid attention at all, you may have noticed that the blogs advertising here now aren't necessarily blogs I subscribe to or even read.

Now they want to start having paid advertisements in the widget and CHARGE THE ENTRECARD USERS if we reject the ad.


Besides Entrecard and Spott and other FREE networking shit, do you see any paid ads on my site?

So now they want to penalize me for not having paid advertisers on my site?

Does this make any sense?


I don't like change anyway, but when I get used to something the way it is, I really hate that they change it like that.

I've met some cool people through Entrecard, but I think I might just have to take my chances with having people discover my blog through other blogger's recommendations and Google.

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