Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My head is better


took the allergy pills, left Evan a voice mail & a note to STFU and ended up taking a 3 hour nap.

Now playing: Janet Jackson - If (Extended Mix)

OMG. The boy used the computer while I was asleep and messed up my FoxyTunes so that Windows Media Player was the default media player. HOW DOES HE DO THIS SHIT???

Anyway, after the nap, I took more Benadryl at 7:30 and watched Chuck.

When Jeffster was playing @ the Buy More, Evan said "That sounds like 80s music"
Me - Duh. Chuck's sister & future BIL are about my age, so 80s music is appropriate for them.

Now playing: Will Smith - Men In Black

He acts like things from the 80s are too old to be shown or heard in public. WTF?

OUCH! I just sneezed. So the headache isn't gone, LOL. It's right there to come back at any time. :-(

Anyway. I have a bruise the size of my finger on my thigh. I don't know where it came from.

Yes, I have cottage cheese thighs. Bite me. It was hard to get that picture.

I don't remember falling or anything. No idea where I got that bruise. Unless Evan abuses me in my sleep...

I have nothing about which to write.

Now playing: LL Cool J - Head Sprung feat. Timbaland

Except I got my second notice that I'm heir to some big fortune in England.


Apparently this is the second time dude has tried to reach me. So I e-mailed him back.

"Why would I be heir to something in England? Why don't you people send this shit to someone in the UK or even Ireland. Wouldn't that be more likely than someone in America being heir to something across that big old ocean?"

I'm off to take more Benadryl and probably take another 3 hour nap.


Now playing: Black Eyed Peas - Don't Phunk with my heart

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