Friday, February 06, 2009

High Five Friday - 2/6/09


ollowing are this week's High Fives, in no particular order.

Kewl Stuff I Found for And the stoopid continues.

Comedy Plus for Awwwww Mondays

Lalaine's World for Creative Restroom Signs

Daddy Papersurfer for Going with the Flow

Everybody Knows for Hide your Babies!

Political Conservatives for Hill Disses Bill

Amy Oops for Jealous Fail

Wanna Smile for Just in case you weren’t sure… and Someone, anyone, please get em’ some “preparation H”, STAT!

Steven Humour for Rear Wheel Fail

She Lives for Easy Corn Shucking

Tara Dharma for Shit is a Weapon

Skirmisher for Some Dude’s Bees-covered Chillaxation

Sue Czech for The Interesting things about Xmas Vacation

CardioGirl for The lady bug came close to giving us a heart attack

Hey Shae! for Wordless Wednesday: Wire Sculptures

Beeker's Words for Zombies Ahead!

The last one is not a blog, but if you submit a picture you can get some free toothpaste at Joe Biden's Teeth. :-)

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