Monday, February 02, 2009

Am I not a "real" House fan?


only wonder because when I go to other blogs like House is Right or Watching House everyone else seems much more worried about every other character on the show.

Let me make this clear:

I don't give a flying fart about Cuddy, Wilson, Cameron, Chase, or 13.

I only "like" the characters because they give House the opportunity to be funny or brilliant or an ass.

That's all.

Wilson has always gotten on my nerves because he's House's conscience. I enjoyed the private detective's character more than Wilson because he was just funny. If House happened to have one of his brilliant flashes or learn something about himself while talking to the guy, that was just a bonus. Wilson's sole purpose, IMO, is to be the audience. He's always the one to say "That's insane, you shouldn't do that." and for exposition's sake, he adds "But I know why you're doing it. It's because..."

The one who should be telling House that he's insane is his boss, Cuddy. Does she? No. Because she's a punk bitch. He does whatever he wants to do and she stands by and lets it happen.

Chase has gotten more interesting this season. He stands up to House a little more than he has in the past, but he still ends up doing what it is that House wants him to do. If I never saw him again, I wouldn't care. Not even a little bit.

Cameron is just in love with House. I don't care how many times she denies it. I don't care how many ways she tries to prove that she's in charge. She's just the girl following him around like a puppy dog and eventually doing what House wants her to do.

13 is hot. She's a little interesting because of her history & future. But I don't care if she dies. I don't care if she goes blind. I don't care if she marries Foreman or breaks his heart or goes on a killing spree in Princeton, New Jersey. She's just there.

The show needs people who try to give House a hard time. Characters that try to make him realize that he's a jerk and he doesn't need to be.

I suppose it helps that the characters have history with him, because he's more likely to think about what they say to him. But I don't care about them individually, feel me?

Someone is "upset" because Jesse Spencer's character (Chase) won't be in the 100th episode.

So what!?!?

People were upset when House's original team left and he got the new 'kids'.


I started watching the show because this doctor was funny and "almost always eventually right" (be the first person to tell me what episode that quote is from and I'll give you 500 EC credits.)

The other characters on the show have always been glorified extras to me. I don't care about their lives. I don't need their history.

I don't even care about House's history. I just want to know what he's going to do next.

Mark my words, people. The second that House gets into a romantic relationship with one of his sycophants (Wilson, Cuddy, or Cameron) and attempts to be happy, or stops using Vicodin, or tries to be 'a better man', the show will stop being interesting to me and everyone else.

Monica & Chandler got together, Friends was over.
Dewayne Wayne got Whitley & they weren't funny anymore.
Max & Kyle got together instead of arguing constantly and Living Single went in the toilet.
Lois & Clark got married and the public got bored.

You may think you want House to be happy, but you really don't. Not if you want the show to continue...

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