Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday 13 - 1/29/09


ollowing is a list of 13 bloggers who piss me off for various reason. For those of you who weren't aware, I am a closeted Hater. From the Urban Dictionary:

By closeted, I mean that you probably don't know that you piss me off, not that I'm gay (although there's nothing wrong with that). I decided to come clean today. :-)

Carol @ She Lives because she's funny. Every day. EVERY.DAY. If there's a post on her blog that isn't funny, I've forgotten it. I don't comment on her blog every day because I have nothing to add other than "That was funny!" which would only make me feel more like an unfunny loser. *sniffle*

Cardiogirl because she has those Chuck Taylor mood indicators. I love those! But if I suddenly had them on my blog, everyone would know I was all up on her jock, so I can't. *throwing Toddler Fit* AND because she finds something about which to write every day. ??? Do you know how long I have to sit here to think of a topic some days? WTF???

Russ Dale @ RAD because he's comfortable with his genius/insanity. I don't understand half of what he writes because he's too smart and the other half is just insane. For Example: Star Trek Barbies?? And he doesn't even care! Anyone who loves Biscuits, Gravy and Lard that much has a problem (and I don't mean clogged arteries).

Monique @ Blogging MoRe. Her blog is funny & the layout is very clean an enviable, but that's not why I hate her. I hate her because her handwriting is so neat, it's like frigging font. WHO WRITES THAT WAY? It's abnormal! She's a Stepford Writer. I don't know if this is actually her signature, but the font (writing) certainly looks like it. You're not supposed to be able to write on unlined paper without having your lines tilt up or down, for Cheesus Sake.

Blanca DeBree. She's so right wing that it's laughable. ;-) I don't know where she comes up with the stuff she writes. Who thinks like that?? Probably a lot of people. I hate her because even though I don't agree with her at all, I can't stop reading.

Stud Kickass because all he has to do is post a new cartoon every day. Something tells me he does cartoons in his spare time anyway, so how hard is it to post one on his blog?

The Offended Blogger. Another neat & clean layout. Another person who can be offensive/outrageous and funny. Another person who comes up with things to write about on a regular basis. I hate her for all of those reasons.

Ok, so that was only 7. Sue me.

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