Monday, December 01, 2008

TeeVee & Thangs


irst, I just discovered that my printer power cord is broken.

Like someone clipped it off...

How the ayche did that happen?


Now I have to buy a new power cord.

But I want an all in one printer, so should I even bother? But I just bought some printer ink...

So it's waste $40 (for the ink) and get a new printer/scanner or wait for months (did I mention that I tend to procrastinate?) until I finally get online & find a power cord?

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Anyway, I was just watching "The Girls Next Door".

Shut up. I like watching and knowing that even if I have sex with a different dude every week, I'll still never be as much of a ho as those bitches.

1st, Kendra said that she lost her virginity at 14!!!

OMG. I don't want to think about Evan having sex next year. OR this year. WHY do girls have sex when they don't even know their own bodies and the boys can't last for more than 10 seconds? What is the point of that?

Then one of the contenders for Playboy's 55th anniversary playmate said that her grandmother said that it was "Awesome" or something that she was trying out for that.

I'm 36 years old. I can't imagine my grandmother (or my mother, or any of my relatives) saying "Cool, go for it!" if I said I was trying out for Playboy.


I'm sure that a lot of women think that there's nothing wrong with posing naked. "We were all born that way." and other crap. Maybe they think it's empowering.

I just don't understand that mindset. I don't even like taking off my clothes for the damned doctor.

I'm only comfortable being naked in the shower or when I'm about to get laid. I'm a prude. I admit it.

Somebody please explain to me when being a freaking whoreish female became "Awesome."

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"The Unit" was awesome this week. Did anyone else see it come on 40 minutes late and stay up to watch it?

I'm still waiting for CBS to just admit that NOTHING comes on when it's supposed to on Sunday nights so that I can go to sleep instead of flipping back to CBS every 5 minutes to see if it's come on yet. The only show I watch on CBS on Sundays is "The Unit". Change the day already. I don't give a phuuuuuuuuuuuuck about the other shows that come on. Especially not 60 minutes. (Though I did see Anderson Cooper race Michael Phelps. AC dove in and Phelps had to stay underwater and not use his hands at all for the entire lap. Phelps still beat him by a few seconds, LOL.)

Lastly, I'm thinking about shaving my hair off again. I last cut it off in 4/07. I loved it. I mean the maintenance. I could wash it every day in the shower. Normally, I wash it once a week and it takes forever & a day to dry.

I've been seeing so many black women with really short hair and it looks so good on them. I always felt like I had to wear makeup every day when I had no hair. With it out of the braids and shorter, I can dye it or whatever.

But as soon as I cut it, I'll miss my hair. Even if all I do is braid it.

Maybe I'll just take the braids out and relax it for a while...


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Andddd, it's raining. Turning into snow overnight.

Now, I don't live on the mountain, so any accumulation will be gone by the time Evan wakes up. Which would be fine except our county also includes some mountain areas and they will have snow or ice for several hours in the morning. The damned superintendent waits until the last second to cancel school. The last time it snowed, we didn't even get notified. The buses just never showed up.

Dumb bastard.
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