Thursday, December 04, 2008

High Five Friday on Thursday


hese are left over from last week. Or something. Whatever...

My Signs of Life for "A Stingray bit my nipple". The title amuses me, but it also looks like an interesting book, LOL.

Hey Shae! for "How to make bedroom slippers". This is a good idea for the current economy. :-)

Skirmisher for this. I saw this on my news ticker on the DVR. I can't even buleedis. And this too.

WTF Do You Blog About? for this. I knew that people online were twisted and definitely less inhibited than in real life, but this is disgusting.

Blogsters Guild for Google Stereotype Search Suggestions.

Amy Oops for Jump Rope Fail. LMFAO!

She Lives for "I am thankful for...".

Only in Silence for "Parents, please choose the kiddie rides wisely"

As the Garden Grows for "Now that’s a relaxed squirrel"

Archie's Pod for "Life Lessons".

Jokes @ jDonuts for "Lipstick". :-)

The Fun Sucker for "OMG This is hilarious!"

Pearl Grass for "Strange Toys for Kids". I just want to know how many parents bought that for their kids...

My thoughts on stuff for "Condometric".

Darkchild for "Son denied benefits after mom's death". Outrageous!

And last is Baconnaise. This is not a blog, it's a product. I love bacon. Not so into mayonnaise, but I'd try this. Even though it's a heart attack in a squeeze bottle...

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