Thursday, December 04, 2008

More Babies


ecause I was bored. I went to Routon Babymaker 3000.

The babies are in order of cuteness, IMO.

Those are some gorgeous eyes! Dwayne Johnson would make a pretty baby with me. :-)

This baby wouldn't stop making the DeeDeeDee face. I have a hard time believing that Dennis Haysbert and I could make a baby that actually looked like this...

Half me, half Prince = Fat headed baby...

Note to self: Never have a baby with Julian McMahon. She was the only girl, BTW. Another reason not to have sex with him should I ever meet him.

No. No matter how I mixed the babies (more me or more him), I never got a Shiloh look-alike. Or even a baby that didn't look like an idiot. No Pitt babies for me. :-(

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