Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So I told my mother


o ask her son to talk to my son about his school BS.

She came over today to pick up the newspaper covers of Barack Obama and she said:

MD - You know that thing we were talking about?
Me - No.
MD - With your brother.
Me - Oh, yeah?
MD - Thursday after school.
Me - Ok

So all night Evan's been asking me what happens after school on Thursday.

I just tell him he'll have to wait until Thursday to find out.

Evan & GodmotherDid I tell you I told my BFF about him not doing his homework & stuff? (Meanwhile, her 15 year old will graduate HS this semester and start full time college next semester. Fortunately, the other 2, also in college, are wasting her money by getting C's so I don't feel so bad, LOL.) I had her on speaker phone telling her about Evan.

BFF - Girl, you need to beat him.
Me - He runs away and I can't chase him.
BFF - Well then I will bring some paralytics and then you can beat him. (She's a nurse)
Me - Cool.

He doesn't like everyone knowing that he's not doing well in school. But I'm tired of enabling him. When people ask how he's doing, I no longer say "Fine." I say "He'd be great if he'd do his freaking homework."

They all give him the same lecture.

You'd think he'd get tired of hearing it.

Now Big Ass 6'2" 275 lb Uncle will be talking to him with his mega bass voice.

I hope he gets through to the child...


He's started doing it at home too.

I tell him to wash the dishes and they're still there the next day.

He's getting up at 5 am this morning to take out the trash and clean the toilet (which I told him to do all day yesterday). I decided to stop reminding him. I'll just get him up earlier every time he "forgets" to do something I've told him to do.

Little sucker.

I hope he enjoys hearing that alarm so early, LOL.

OMG. I should totally change the time on his clock so he doesn't even realize that it's 5 am instead of 6 am.

Then he'll be up.

Just UP.

For an hour.


I'm out.

**Update** I totally did it. Switched his clock forward an hour. He cleaned the toilet (I left the Mr. Clean wipes on top) and took a shower and everything until he heard what was coming up next on TNT.

Evan - I knew there was something wrong when they said "Coming up next is Angel and then Charmed. Charmed comes on when I have to get out of here." Somebody changed my clock.
Me - Somebody needs to do what I tell him to do when I tell him to do it.
Evan - You're so evil.
Me - Sucks for you!


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