Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Guess what Evan told me yesterday


e was telling me that they were online doing some research about John Hook (?) on Google.

Me - They let you use GOOGLE at school?
Evan - Yeah.
Me - Well, I hope it's on safe search, at least.
Evan - When I was in elementary school one of my friends was searching for "Riddick's Glasses" and when it came up it was not Riddick's Glasses. He said "I'm going to be expelled."
Me - What did you see?
Evan - I didn't see anything. But his computer froze up with whatever it was on the screen and he thought he was going to be in trouble.
Me - THEY LET YOU USE GOOGLE IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL? Even if he had seen porn, it wouldn't have been his fault. Kids should not be ON GOOGLE unsupervised and the school should have had a safe search or some software to block bad images from popping up. Speaking of Google, I hope you don't happen upon that porn I did back in the 90s. "Big Black Bitches". I got $300. But it would be embarassing for you to have your naked mama pop up on the screen and your friends see me like that.
Evan - I'm going to bed.

I love embarrassing The Boy. :-)

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