Thursday, November 06, 2008

A lost meme


o, not "Lost" the TV show. A meme that's been around for a while and died down. I found it at The Daily Meme.

Pet Peeves:
Repetitive noises, incorrect English, asking "What?" and having the person repeat the last word they said instead of starting from the beginning.

Favorite Sounds: Evan's laughter, Hugh Laurie's voice, music

Favorite Candy: Twix, Green Apple SweetTart pops, Dark chocolate pomegranate thingees

Biggest Fears: Evan dying before me, being dependent on someone physically, Evan growing up to be a criminal/drug user/unemployed/single father/etc

Biggest Challenges: Walking, Sleeping, Not losing my mind

Favorite Department Stores: I don't shop unless I have to.

Most Used Words:
What?, So?, BOY!

Favorite Pizza Toppings: Bacon, extra cheese, mushrooms

Favorite Cartoon Characters: Pucca, Chowder, Early from Squidbillies

Movies Recently Watched: Iron Man, The Host, that one with Don Cheadle in Africa...

Favorite Fruits: Mango, Pear, Green Apple

Favorite Vegetables: Broccoli, Green Beans, Potatoes

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