Monday, October 13, 2008

Link Love - 10/13/08


can't keep waiting until Friday to give High Fives because on Fridays there's always something else going on. So following are the links I've collected over the past 2 weeks, in no particular order.

Makes you Laugh - Advertising with a Bang.

Amy Oops - We Closed.

Mottekaero jDonuts - Engrish T-Shirt, Daintiness.

Daddy Papersurfer - Nine Words Women Use.

Odd Planet - Mom illegally uses daughter's ID to become a HS cheerleader.

Comedy Plus - Words of Wisdom.

Web Betty Funhouse - I am loved (or at least my blogs are).

Karlonia - English Lesson 7: Correct Use of Lay and Lie. I actually asked her about this one and she referred me to this post that she had previously done. :-)

Wanna Smile - Too Much Time on Your Hands?

Motherwise Cracks - Jerry Springer Spaniels.

Dorky Dad - Blunting My Bad Breath.

Half Past Kissin Time - Hot Stuff. Look at the picture of the pumpkins.

The Mom Bomb - And Don't Forget #5: Pretend that You're Deaf.

Tracy Said What? - Lessons in Horsesh*t.

Makes You Laugh - Signs of Puberty.

Odd Planet - What some people do for a thrill?

Amy Oops - Porn for Women.

Cheaper by the Half Dozen - Evil Look.

Blogster's Guilt - Britney Spears' Real Singing Voice

She Lives - Dear Mr. Band Director.

30somethingandsearching - Some people need to get a filter.

GorillaSushi - Obama's Terrible Secret.

Jokes @ jDonuts - Three Wishes.

Enjoy &/or learn something. :-)

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