Monday, September 15, 2008

What??? I can't buleedis.


arlier tonight I gave Evan a badly needed haircut. Told him to go take a shower. Post shower, he yelled down to me "I'm staying up here to watch TV".

So I just crept up the stairs holding an empty water bottle in my mouth so that I could bust into Evan's room, suck all of the air out of the bottle, and scare him half to death. (He always jumps when I suck all of the air out of the bottle, HA!)

Guess what I found when I got upstairs?


He's asleep.

With his lights off.

And the TV is off too!

So not only did I NOT get to scare him, but I didn't even get to yell at him for running up my electricity bill.

What the hell?


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