Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random thoughts - 9/24/08


tuff has been running through my mind, but none of it is interesting enough for an entire blog post.

So here's what I've been thinking about lately:

1. Does anyone take Ben Affleck seriously as an actor? I was watching some Harrison Ford/Tom Clancy movies and they asked who made the best Jack Ryan. Affleck, Ford or Alec Baldwin. I have The Hunt for Red October & one or two of the ones starring Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan, but I still can't remember which one Ben Affleck did and I don't care enough to look it up. The only movies I remember with Affleck were Good Will Hunting and Gigli... What else has he done?

2. Have you noticed that when critics love a show, it gets canceled? "Fringe is being hailed as this season's best new drama series." So I'm kind of expecting it to get canceled after one season, LOL.

3. I just started watching Lost on G4. I love it! But I couldn't watch it before because it conflicted with other shows I watched. At least now I don't have to wait a week to see the next new episode. I get it every day. :-) Don't tell me what happens.

4. Fucking cable company is changing the channel lineup AGAIN. I have most of those crap channels blocked from my DVR. I do not watch shopping channels, weather channel, soap network or Christian networks. Does this mean I'll have to a) go back and add all those freaking channels back? (probably) and 2) change my series recordings to match the new channels or will the DVR be smart enough to figure this out on it's own? I have about 150 series scheduled (You know, for the fall, mid-season, summer schedules). Thankfully, the big 5 networks won't be changing, but I'll have to reprogram all the Bravo crap and Travel Channel crap. And some of that stuff isn't on the schedule right now. And I will forget about the show. I don't even know what day anything I watch NOW comes on (Except House) until I see it on "My Recordings".

5. I'm looking forward to "Chocolate News" with David Alan Grier (or whatever) and Real Housewives of Atlanta. Damnitalltohades! I just remembered that I'll have to change any comedy central & cartoon network (Boondocks, Squidbillies, Aqua Teen, Lucy - Daughter of the Devil) shows I tape too! *cries*

6. I like Tabatha's Salon Takeover. It's like Kitchen Nightmares for salons! I hated Tabatha when she was on that Bravo show with one of Charlie's Angels. (I know her name, I just don't feel like typing it. Bite me. I don't, however, remember the name of the show.)

7. I loved CSI: Miami last night. Horatio kicks anus!

8. And I loved tonight's House episode. I like the private detective guy. I guess he's House's sounding board until Wilson's bitch ass comes back. But anyway, tonight's (Oh, I'm writing this yesterday at midnight thirty) episode made me LOL several times. And Hugh looks good with the shorter hair. Is it just me, or are they showing more of his bald spot this season? Me likey. Plus after all of those "You're losing your hair" jokes/comments from Wilson, and the fact that everyone knows that Hugh has a rather substantial bald spot, it's kind of stupid to keep trying to make him look younger. He's sexy just the way he is. :-)

9. I'm halfway through the premier of Heroes. I'm recording it on G4 because NBC conflicts with other crap I'm taping. Don't ask me what. But anyway, I had totally forgotten that Nathan Petrelli got shot. When I read the info and it said "We find out who the shooter was" I was thinking "Who got shot?" HA! WTF is wrong with the Indian doctor? He wants everybody to have superpowers? Seriously?

10. I love the G4 Network. Ninja Warrior, Unbeatable Banzuke, Hurl.

11. Last year I finally stopped watching Prison Break (or maybe before? I don't remember how long it's been on) because I lost interest after they broke out of the first prison. I still recorded it for Evan, though, because I thought he liked it. Turns out he only liked it because it he thought I liked it and it was something we could watch together. Awwwwwwwwww. How sweet is that? We still watch House together, but I'm hoping we will find another series that we both like. He liked "The Mentalist" tonight. So maybe that will be "our show" from now on?

This post is probably long enough.

And I have to tinkle.

I'm out.

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