Sunday, September 21, 2008

OMG! I'm rubbing off on The Boy!


oday, on the way home from Wal-Mart, Evan & I had the following conversation:

Evan - I've decided that I'm not going to say the word "retarded" anymore. I'm going to say "special". (Re: This post)
Me - Cool! (Thank GOD! He's been using the word "retarded" for his ONLY negative adjective for months!) You know, Rick & Bubba use the word "precious" when they mean that something is stupid.
Evan - So when you call me precious, you're calling me stupid?
Me - LOL! No, you really are my Precious Honey Bunny.
Evan - You're calling me "special"!
Me - No Precious, I'm calling you precious as in "Dear" or "Darling".
Evan - Well, ok then. That's what I thought.
Me - You're so special.
Evan - *fake crying*


I don't know what it is about teenaged (or practically teenaged) boys that they only use one word for months at a time. Evan actually reads. He has a college freshman reading level. I know he has a bigger vocabulary than just one word to describe "bad" or "stupid" or "weird".


At least "Special" won't be as irritating to hear as "retarded". I reckon I'll be hearing it a lot for the next few months...

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