Thursday, September 18, 2008

Metroid Prime


k, so a while back Evan was watching some "Let's Play (Insert Video Game Name Here)" videos on youtube.

He kept cracking up.

So finally I watched one with him. I ended up watching the entire series. If you want to know, it was "Let's Play Jedi Outcast by Tenike1". (Tenike cracks me up whenever he messes up. And I LOVE the way he "abuses the saves".) I'm going to buy that game from Amazon soon.

But I stopped at GameStop (GameSpot?) first to see if they had it. They didn't. So I got a different first player game, Metroid Prime. I figured Evan would like it because he's addicted to First Person crap. His favorite part of the movie "Doom" is when the dude is walking through like he's in a video game.

I never used to like First Person games because they made me kind of dizzy. But I guess Tenike kind of got me used to it.

Anyway, I put the game in and started playing dying. So I looked on youtube to see if there was a "Let's Play" series about it and there is! It is so much more convenient that reading the walk-throughs online. Other than the darkness, you can actually SEE where to go and not have to guess if the person who wrote it knows their left from their right.


I haven't gotten far, but I've gotten further than I would have without Lordsounga. I wish Tenike1 had done this one. I've gotten used to his delivery & he actually TALKS ABOUT THE GAME instead of random crap that's on his mind. Well, he talks about how the Lakers are doing, but then he gets back to the game.

Anyway, I plan on getting further today.

Pray for me.

Because I like being better than Evan at video games.

Because he's better at math than I am now that I've forgotten everything I had to know for the tests. He's almost as tall as me now, so video games are the last thing I have to hold over his head, LOL.

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