Friday, September 19, 2008

Link Love -9/19/08


ere are this week's Link Love Recipients in no particular order.

1. deClubZ for their "Chocolate Toothpaste" post. I've never heard of such a thing, but I sure wish they sold it here!

2. Reenashwina for her "Paint Your Cat" post. Really. This has to be the only thing more stupider (yes, I said "MORE STUPIDER") than dressing up your pets in sweaters and crap. But some of them look kind of cool, LOL.

3. Karlonia for her "Salt Substitutes" post. I am a Saltaholic. It's rare when anything is too salty for me. But with my family history of High Blood Pressure & other crap, I really do try to use less salt than I want to. It's still probably more than the average person. But anyway, today I bought some "Lite Salt" to give it a try. I tastes a little different than regular salt, but at least it's saltier than Kosher Salt and waaaaaay less crunchy! Kosher Salt is only good when you're trying to sear a steak or make some long cooking soup, IMO.

4. Odd Planet for "Can you hear me now?" Ew. LMFAO! But still, ew. *giggle*

5. Sexy Old Broad for her "Why Women Move to Florida" post. No explanation needed, LOL.

6. All the BS for the Ninja Cat video. It made me laugh when I first saw it and it Cracked Evan the Fark Up! :-)

7. Damien at the Speed of Life for his "Angelika Wins a Date with Hugh Laurie" post. The title really made me smile (and wishhhhhhhhhh) and the post was really complimentary. :-)

OMG. Samuel L. Jackson is on Craig Ferguson and he asked "Has there been a murder?" This is only surprising & funny if you watch the show on a regular basis. They'll probably put the skit on youtube.

Back to the LL.

8. Steven Humor for his "Homeless Man Needs a Pair of Underwear" pic. That is a sad bootie in that pic. Poor man. :-(

9. Fabulously Jinxed for her "Palin the Monster" post. I don't watch the news. Especially not during election season or when some natural disaster happens because that's all you hear about. But anyway, I had no idea about this. Anybody see that movie with Ice T (back when he had dreadlocks, I think it was called "The Game") and some hunters were hunting humans? This is worse than that. Because at least the humans knew they were being hunted and could try to hide. I really never had a problem with McCain except for Social Security. But had I felt like voting for him, his decision to pick Palin as a running mate would have seriously given me pause! (This is beside the fact that I think picking a woman was just a ploy to get Hilary's voters on his side.)

10. Slightly Drunk for this post. I don't know if it's a true story, but it is amusing. :-)

11. Jokes @ jDonuts for the "Minimum Wage = Minimum IQ" post. For the record, I don't agree with the title. I have worked for minimum wage and I definitely don't have a minimum IQ despite what you may think after reading my blog...

12. The Best of DIY for this post. Can you tell that I'm a Child of the 80s or what? ;-)

13. Pepper Spray, Stun Guns & Tasers...Oh My! for this post. I don't have the words to even describe this. ???

14. Shawna for her Aleigha in a tutu photo shoot. Isn't photo #2 one of the most gorgeous images you've ever seen? I swear, I love Shawna's pictures. And she's one of my JJHF peeps too! :-)

15. I do things so you don't have to for her post about "Making a good thing better". I don't remember why. Honestly. Maybe it's just because her sense of humor is almost as juvenile as mine? (That's a compliment, BTW.)

Das Ende! &hearts

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