Tuesday, August 05, 2008



hool starts tomorrow. WHEEEEEEEEEEE!

If years past are any indication, Evan will get up several times tonight and tell me that he can't sleep.

Even though I don't believe he's lying in his bed for 2 hours without even napping.

It's just the excitement of 7th grade. New teachers, new clothes, blah blah.

So here's the contest. How many times will Evan get up tonight to tell me that he can't sleep, and at what time will he first get up?

Comment with your guess about the first time he will get up & comment about how many times he will get up for me to make him warm milk, sleepy time tea, etc.

The first person who guesses closest to the FIRST TIME he comes down the stairs tonight will win 500 ECs.

The first person to accurately guess HOW MANY TIMES he will wake up & come downstairs will get 500 ECs.

Of course, he could shock the hell out of me by not waking up at all...(HA!)

I've been waking him up earlier every day for the past couple of weeks in order to get him used to getting up at 6 am again.

Also, I plan to take him to do the laundry this evening so that he will be tired tonight.

Evan's bedtime is 9pm.

Contest ends tomorrow whenever I get up, LOL.

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