Friday, July 25, 2008

High Five Fridays - 7/25/08


ere are this week's High Fives, in no particular order.

Divorce Drama for their Crazy Divorce Signs post.

Skirmisher for the KFC's Secret Ingredient post.

Mottekaero jDonuts for their Engrish T-shirt post.

My Blog Rules for the "Why you shouldn't eat with your eyes" post.

Amy Oops for her WTF post.

Monique for her "Why must you make me be mean?" post. Amen & Hallelujah, girl!

Live, Laugh, Blog for the "Lesson not soon Forgotten" post. I am ALL FOR embarrassing kids/people if it keeps them from breaking the law!

Celebrity Today for the "Let's do the Time Warp again" post. Did you know that they were thinking of remaking "Rocky Horror Picture Show"? I say NO! Leave it alone. It's a classic!

The Why File
. Read any post. They're all interesting!

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