Friday, July 11, 2008

High Five Friday - 7/11/08


his week's High Fives list is longer than usual because I didn't do it last week.

First and foremost, I must show some love to Relax Max at Way Harsh. It's an extremely funny satirical blog and he happened to show me a lot of love yesterday. How could I not High Five someone who recognizes genius when he sees it. ;-p

Seriously, I stop by his blog practically every day and it's nice to know he likes my blog too. Even though he never comments...

I also want to show some love to Rene at Cheaper by the Half Dozen. She just got the "mock up"? (I don't know, I'm not in the biz...) of her book cover. The book will be released in the fall, but I think it's cool that an actual writer reads my blog! I want an autographed copy! How cool would that be? :-)

The Why File for this post. ??? I cannot believe the crap that some people do. Actually, I can. That's what's so effing frustrating!

Your Fun Family Blog for this post. I might actually do this one day. Assuming I ever get off the computer. ;-)

Sabra (I guess) at Super Sabra for this post. I sent her an Entrecard message asking her how she got different Digg numbers for each of her posts. I was wondering if there was an easier way than publishing the post & then editing the Digg junk to reflect the individual URL instead of the entire blog's url. Anyway, I think she had answered me within the hour and then put up the post to help other bloggers who might have questions about the same thing. I LOVE IT when bloggers help each other out instead of totally ignoring questions or answering months later!

Hooter's Two for the Price of One for this funny picture & quote about road signs.

Deb at Artistic Flair. She does Fused Glass Etsy and I found the Indiana Jones Pendant that she created. I think it's so cute! :-)

Spinach N Peace because her Upcycled Envelopes are so creative! It's people like this that I admire. I would never have thought of that! It looks like a fun rainy day project. :-)

Giveaway City for this amusing picture. Sometimes I see things that make me laugh and I don't comment because I think people who don't know me would see my "Ha!" comment as spam or something. (Maybe that's why Relax Max never comments? He has nothing to add other than "LOL!"? Maybe he'll comment why he never comments and I'll know??? *hint hint*)

Elle at Maxwell the Tattooed Boy. Because she made Black Bean Brownies... She did that so I don't have to. ;-)

Skirmisher for "How to know if your boyfriend is a Wuss". OMG. This guy's scream is higher in pitch than Evan's when he was a toddler! LMFAO!

Henson Ray at Henson Hell for this Oprah post. *giggle*

Usedtobeme at Why Are You Stalking Me for this post. It made me laugh out loud.

Jokes @ jDonuts for this post. I was breathless with laughter reading this, LOL. :-)

Slap & Tickle for this post. Some people think anything is art!

I'm Not Angry for the Asshole Mario post. I am just hard headed enough to decided that I am going to beat the effing game and spend the next three months giving myself carpal tunnel by playing it over and over, LOL.

That's all. Now, go harass ask Max why he never comments on my blog.

Thanks. :-)

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