Saturday, June 07, 2008

My Day Yesterday - Friday 6/6/08


esterday the landlord was supposed to come by and finally fix the leak in the bathroom toilet. He finally figured out that it's one of the pipes in the tub that's leaking, so he was supposed to come back today to fix that. And no, I still have no pipes in my sink which means that we have to take showers & brush our teeth in the bathtub which continues to soak through the new drywall.

Anyway, we always use that back door since I park right outside my sliding glass door for the days when my back hurts really bad or I'm not walking very well or it's raining, whatever. Just 2 steps and I'm at my car door.

Evan noticed a wasp's nest when he went outside earlier in the day to roll down the car windows. I had called MD to tell her that we were coming over because I could NOT deal with anymore banging or drilling. But first I decided to knock down the wasp's nest.

I got a big stick & knocked it down, then walked as fast as I could (read: as fast as a 97 year old woman who should be using a cane but isn't because of pride) since the fuckers started chasing me.

One of them stung me. Fine.

But I noticed that a few of the wasps were hanging around like they were going to build a new nest. So I decided to go to Wal Mart to get some Wasp & Hornet Killer.

I took 2 Benadryl pills & went to Wal Mart. In the store, I noticed that 1) the entire left side of my body was itching and 2) weird welts were popping up on my neck & other places. The actual wasp bite was red and hot to the touch and about 3 inches in diameter in the 13 minutes it took me to drive to the store.

So I called my dr. Went right to his office after I bought some ammonia (because the thing they sold called "sting eez" was $3.50 for 1/2 an ounce (the only ingredient was ammonia). I figured I'd get a gallon for 97 cents and use it for other things including taking the sting out of my bite.

At the doctor's office, I got a shot in the butt.

Evan - You can squeeze my hand if it hurts.
Me - Aw, thank you, baby. But I can't hold your hand and stand up steady at the same time.

*after the shot*

Evan - You took that like a real trooper, you didn't even cry.

HA! Isn't he cute?

Anyway, I asked for more samples of the anti depressant that I LOVED, but he didn't have any more so he gave me a prescription. I also got a prescription for Attarax which is like Benadryl times 10. Whenever I have a severe allergic reaction to something, I get that. It's better than Xanax because it knocks me out for 12 hours, LOL.

Got to the pharmacy, the antidepressant was $60 WITH INSURANCE so I told them to call the doctor & change my prescription to Celexa (which I've taken before, but makes me gain weight so I don't like it) which is only $6 plus the $4 Attarax.

Took Evan to McDonald's. Got home about 3:30. Called MD to tell her what had happened.

Me - Well I got stung by a wasp & had to go to the dr and the pharmacy and I didn't know that it would take that long.
MD - You still should have called.
Me - Well pardon me for being more concerned with my throat closing up than calling you to let you know that we weren't coming over right away! *click*

So I called her this morning to ask if she'd seen Al Green on David Letterman. Her DVR cut off early. I told her that I had saved it over here so she could come and see her man if she wanted to see the whole performance. She did. So I reckon we're all right.

That is all. Evan wants me to play Mario Cart. I drive and he comments. Like it's a damned Nascar race. Very irritating, but if it makes him forget that I was going to make some brownies from scratch today, then I'll do it. :-)

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