Friday, June 13, 2008

I stole this meme too!

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 15:  Actor Hugh Laurie poses with his award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Drama for Image by Getty Images via Daylife


rom Chuvaness. Yes, I know that 18-20 (and others) are missing. Blame her. :-)

1. Can you legally drink?
2. Will you be married in the next 2 years? Hell to the naw!!!!
3. Is it easy for others to make you feel awkward? It's easy for me to make me feel awkward.
4. What are your least favorite school subjects? History & P.E.
5. Who was the last person you called? MD
6. Do you prefer to call or text? Neither.
7. Do you have a pet? No
8. What did you do today? Went to Wal-mart, went to MDs to give her the labels for her yard sale items, went to the bank, used my new to me vacuum.
9. Do you like carrots? Raw with salt, cooked not so much.
10. When is the last time you saw your mom? Today

11. Do you believe in karma? Not really.
12. Are you taller than 5'5"? In my head I am 5'6. I think technically I am 5'5¼"+
13. How many city/towns have you lived in? *sigh* 9?
14. Do you prefer shoes, socks, or bare feet? bare feet
15. Are you a social person? Not in real life.
16. What was the last thing you drank? Orangeade
17. What are your favorite colors? This week it's pink & brown.

21. Do you like coffee? Only if it's iced &/or has ice cream in it. Coffee drinks, not the stuff a lot of people drink in the morning.
22. Would you rather have money or love? Money. Love makes me psycho. I don't like who I am when I'm in a relationship. I'd rather be rich enough to pay for the kind of sex I want & then he could leave afterwards & I wouldn't have to listen to him talk about how mean his daddy was to him.
23. Have you ever sat on a roof? Why the hell would I do that? No
24. What are you listening to? Jumper
25. Do you sleep on a certain side of the bed? Not really. But wherever I fall asleep is where I stay all night.
26. Do you know how to play poker? Yes
27. What are you thinking about right now? Should I eat another pork butt sammich (I ate one for all 3 meals yesterday) or should I eat something else?
28. Any plans for the weekend? Yard sale if it isn't raining. Reading if it is.
29. What time do you get up in the morning? Lately, it's been 4 am IF I GET TO SLEEP AT ALL.

31. Do you eat ranch with your pizza? Not since HS.
32. Last person you IM'ed? I haven't done that in years so I have no idea.
33. Have you ever been in an ambulance? Yes
34. Do you prefer an ocean or pool? Pool. Chlorinated water, please.
35. What color shirt are you wearing? Blue
36. Do you know how to drive a stick shift? No
37. What's bothering you right now? My neck & back.
38. Do you hold grudges? Depends on the person and the offense.

40. Who's myspace page did you visit last? Nema Williams
41. Are you a Lost fanatic? Never seen it
43. Earphones or headphones? Headphones
44. At this very moment what should you be doing? Laying on the heating pad
45. Do you read novels often? Yes. I got 4 from the library on Tuesday
46. What is the color of your bedroom walls? Off White
47. Do you shut off the water while you brush your teeth? Yes
49. Are you mad about anything? Hugh Laurie

50. Do you sing obnoxiously in the car? Yes. Because Evan loves it so much
51. Last 2 people to call you? MD, Omah
52. Have you ever thought you didn't like someone, and then found out that you really liked them? Um... My cousin's Baby Daddy. He's a loser, but he cracks me the fark up! LOL
54. How was this weekend? This past weekend? No idea. I've slept since then.
55. Do/did you listen to your parents? I listened to my dad. I hear MD, but I rarely listen.
56. Stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone? Turned it off when I was expecting a call.
57. Is there anyone that doesn't like you because of something you did? Probably
58. Do you think your first love affects the way you go on with life? No? How can I even know that?
59. The phone rings. What is your ring tone? Depends on the person.

60. Did you go anywhere yesterday? Yesssss. I thought I answered this?
61. Who was the last person you shared beds with? Sexually? Let's call him Idjit McAsswipe.
62. Favorite drink? Raspberry Peach Crystal Light
63. Does the person you like know that you like them? Hugh Laurie has no idea that I exist. I don't like anyone in real life.
64. Where are you right now? Home. At the computer desk. Dur.
65. If you HAD to kiss the last person you kissed, would you? If I HAD to, then I wouldn't have any choice, would I?
66. Favorite gadget in the kitchen? Microwave
67. Favorite pie? MY homemade cherry cheesecake.
68. How is your hair? Braided
69. Where's the last place you walked to? My car

70. Last time you had a sleepover? How the heck should I know?
71. Latest you stayed up in the past week? I stayed up all night last night because I took a long nap yesterday because I was so tired from the day before when I had grilled at MD's house. Confusing enough for ye?
72. What are you doing, aside from answering these questions? Wishing I'd get to the end already
73. Have you been in a car accident? Yes
74. What is the last thing you said aloud? Can you get off of that, please?
75. Who's the 1st person on your missed calls list? MD
76. What did the last text message you received say? No idea. But I know that it was from Russ. Speaking of Russ, he has a new article at Rocky Mountain News that he'd like you to read, comment, & pass the link on. So do it. Thanks. :-)
77. Last time you went to church? A couple of years ago

78.Wallet? Black
79.Eyes? Black like tar
80.Life? Comfortable

81.Doing this weekend to come? Didn't I already answer that? My plans haven't changed.
82.Wearing? Shirt, shorts & shoes
83.Wanting? For my body to stop feeling like I've been hit by a truck
84.Listening to? *sigh* OMG. Whoever came up with this should read their own frigging questions. I already answered that.
85.What do you smell? My new deodorant. It's the first time I've bought this scent. It smells like candy. It's Sweetpea & something.
86. Do you sleep naked? Not anymore.
87. Do you like seafood? Yes
88. Do you remember your dreams? Sometimes. Speaking of which:


89. Do you consider yourself a study freak? No
90. Do you speak another language other than English? Ebonics, but not very fluently
91. What did you do last night? Watched Jumper, My Life on the D List, some other crap on the DVR, and Craig Ferguson, of course. I was up all night. I probably napped because I remember starting to watch Craig but I didn't remember anything after the Deer Unicorn when I watched it again later this morning. And I didn't realize that another Dr. Who (repeat) had recorded this morning, so I was asleep from 5-6 am at least.
92. What do you hate? Insomnia
93.Orange or apple juice? Apple
94.Who were the last people you went out to lunch with? MD & Evan
95.Last thing you ate? Peach Yogurt

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