Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Assassinate by Nyhm


ave you seen this? I put it on my other blog. Evan is always looking for Ninja crap & whatever boys who aren't yet masturbating (as far as I know) look for. He bookmarked about 30 (thirty) things for me to see. Finally last night I watched a few of them just so he'd SHUT UP about it.


There are lyrics on the video, but I'm so in to the beat that I haven't really paid attention. With a title like "Assassinate" they can't be good, but whatever. It's my jam! When I heard the first few words, I instantly thought of Angela Bassett in "What's Love got to do with it?". But I got over that pretty quickly, LOL.

I just wish I had that kind of creativity! To write music like that. I'm not vouching for the rapping (although he does have a good flow). In my next life, I want to be the female Timbaland/Pharell.

When I was watching some of his bookmarks (like the "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" song) I saw a very obese girl in the side. I asked him if he'd watched that and he said "That's just sad."

Me - Are you being facetious?
Evan - No, it's really sad.

So of course, I watched about 10 seconds of it.

The girl is 7 years old and 400 lbs. It IS sad. I don't know why her parents (or whatever kind of people she lives with) would put that on youtube. It's not funny. It just makes you feel sorry for the girl and angry with her "caregivers". WTF???

Anyway, that's all for now.


  1. Im a Rogue on World of Warcraft and this vid rocks. I dont do much Player vs Player but this song really sets the proper tone for the Rogue environment. The "Cooking" and "Fishing" references are hilarious because it speaks to quality down-time when not raiding.

  2. Kepano - I know nothing about WOW so the references don't mean anything to me, but I still like the song. :-)


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