Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Listen Up!


fter years of listening to my headphones at full volume (when I was a teenager) and putting up with my BFF sending me Miracle Ear info through the mail, I finally got that "Listen Up!" thing that you've probably seen advertised on TV.

I get tired of having to turn my TV volume almost all the way up to be able to hear. I get tired of constantly rewinding my DVR to hear what someone said (or read, if I have the captions on).

My hearing is weird. I mean, I have high frequency hearing loss. I haven't been tested, but I know this. And I can't hear well at all with the air conditioning or some other white noise thing running.

Listen Up! works better than I had anticipated for $10. The little ear buds are uncomfortable (for me), but I can use it with my regular headphones and hear just fine. Plus the actual device can be mistaken for a mini MP3 player. So if I ever wore it out in public, people wouldn't think I was eavesdropping on them.

Which I would be.

Evan went a few steps up the stairs and whispered and I could hear him.

The only thing is that I can hear myself too.

I was using it while the landlord & Roto Rooter dude were here fixing the wall (the cabinet is supposed to go up Thursday). I had it up so that I could hear the TV. Then they started talking loud and almost burst my ear drums.

Anyway, if you're half deaf like me, you should try it. It was cheaper at Wal-Mart than it is on their official website.

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