Saturday, May 24, 2008

MD gave me a gift!


or no reason at all.

I called her Thursday to ask her to take the books back to the library.

MD - Why? What's wrong with you?
Me - Nothing. I just don't want to go.
MD - HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! LMFAO! Ok, I'll be there after I eat lunch.
Me - Thanks!

Evan had had a half day (last day of school...*sob*) so she took him to her house after they dropped off the books.

I finally called and asked:

Me - Where's my boy?
MD - Boy? I don't know any boys. (She hates it when I call him "Boy")
Me - *sigh* Ok. Where is my son?
MD - Oh, he's right here eating dinner.
Me - What is he eating?
Me - Maybe I don't want him eating that at your house.
MD - Well you should have told him before he came over.
Me - You told him to eat before he came over so I didn't think you were going to cook anything!
MD - Oh. Well now you know to tell him not to eat anything at my house if you don't want him to eat.
Me - *long sigh* Well he needs to come home tonight because I need his help with something.

Anyway, when she brought him home, she also brought me a homemade hamburger cooked on the grill (Yum!) and this:

Ain't it purty? :-) It's a mother & child necklace in silver (I love silver!). I think she probably ordered it for herself but she didn't like it, so I got it, LOL. Whatever! Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

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