Saturday, May 17, 2008

I scared Evan. HA!

Bubble Bath


went upstairs to take a bath (I'm usually a shower person) and Evan had his TV on, light on, and he was asleep.

I screamed "WAKE UP!" He proceeded to wave his hands and kick his feet like he was being attacked by bees. LMFAO!

Then I told him to get up, wash his face & brush his teeth because he avoids all personal hygiene tasks on weekends or in the summer unless I specifically tell him to do it.

After he got some fresh batteries for his toothbrush & brushed his teeth, he came back downstairs to watch the "big" tv.

Me - Did you wash your face?
Evan - *stammering* Uh, yes.
Me - I don't believe you, come here and let me smell it.
Evan - Do you want me to go wash it first?
Me - Uh, yes!

I bought him some acne wash to clear up his "baby acne" (it looks like the kind of acne that newborn babies have) and head off the teenage pizza face. I didn't have many pimples as a teen, but he seems to take after his sperm donor physically so I don't want him to have to go through all that acne shit (and bad school pictures) if it can be avoided.


I know I'm shallow. But he's so beautiful. Like me. Why shouldn't we look our best???

S'what I thought! ;-p

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