Monday, April 14, 2008

What I watched on TV this weekend

It may be hard to believe, but I'd never watched "The Godfather" series before. I LOVE gangster movies. Casino, Donnie Brasco, Goodfellas & some other ones I'm sure I'm forgetting. I don't know why I never watched The Godfather before. Maybe just because it was so old?

Speaking of old, I saw on the info that the movie was made in 1972. I actually had to think about how old it was...

I too was made in 1972. You'd think I'd know instantly that it's 36 years old. But no. I didn't. I'm brilliant like that.

They showed parts I & II. Is there a III? Because I remember Pacino saying something like "Every time I try to get out, they just keep pulling me back in!" or is that from Scarface? Idunoh..

I liked them. All 8 hours (with commercials). Evan was GONE.

Since his BFF/C (Best friend/cousin) moved back in, he's been over there until dark.

He came back @ around 3 yesterday & asked if he could go with them to get something to eat & I said "Sure."

When it started getting dark I thought "That sure is a long meal. Maybe I should open the front door & see if they're back yet."

But I didn't.

At about 7:30, Evan opens the door & says "Are you decent?" My favorite cousin (MFC) came in after he hold her I was decent.

MFC - Do you even care about where your son was? You don't know if I was mistreating him or anything!
Me - I thought about looking outside, but I didn't feel like getting up. I figured you'd send him home when you got tired of him.
MFC - Well, he said he had to go home when the streetlights came on, but I decided to walk him over here.
Me - All the way across the parking lot? Good, I don't know if he could have made it by himself...

Later I heard:

MFC - Now that I'm back, I have a babysitter. (She has 2 kids. 11 & 5)
Me - No you don't!
MFC - What I meant was that YOU have a babysitter so that you can get a break sometimes.
Me - Oh! Cause my babysitting days are over.
Evan - She would kill us.
Me - No I wouldn't! I'd just duct tape all of you and shove you into a closet.
MFC - LOL! I was telling some of my classmates about you. They say I'm "Bold" (I can't remember the exact word she used.) I tell them that they need to meet my cousin. Like that time we went to Wal-mart & the lady forgot to give you your change and she asked if you would just wait until she rang up the next customer & then she'd give you your change & you said "No."
Me - Well it wasn't my fault that she'd forgotten to give me my change! Why the hell should I have to wait for her to ring someone else up??
MFC - I know! I'm just saying the way you just said "No" and stood there looking at her. She had to flick her light so that manager would come over. People were lining up waiting.
Me - I don't care!
MFC - That's what I'm saying. You just say what you want and don't care what people think.
Me - Because it would have bothered me later. I'd have gotten home and started thinking about waiting for that woman to ring up someone else so that I could get my damned change. It would have bothered me for a looooooooong time. I just have to speak up right away if I want to sleep at night. I can't do that "Just be nice" shit anymore like your aunt (My mother. She came of age in the 60s so I understand if she feels "shy" about speaking up for herself to white people. I, however, did not. I will tell you in a second if I feel like you're ignoring/mistreating/taking advantage of me.)

Tangent - Everyone who is related to my mother & talks about her when she's not there says "YOUR sister" or "Your Daughter" or whatever, LOL. No one wants to claim her. It's only strangers who only see her "Public Face" that don't realize how mean/vindictive/narcissistic she is. Everyone who isn't related to her loves her to death, LOL.

Anyway, I watched yesterday's special Eli Stone [only one more episode left. :-(] Have I mentioned before that every episode is named after a George Michael song? I just noticed that.

CBS is pissing me the eff off. For the last few weeks, everything on Sunday night has been coming on at least 30 minutes late. I didn't realize that I hadn't gotten the whole episode of Dexter until there were only 15 minutes left. So I saw the first 15 minutes, and the last 15 minutes. They piss me OFF. Why do they have to show 60 minutes when some game ran over? Who watches that??? Why can't they just start where they should be in the programming?

I caught about 15 minutes of Big Brother. It's a good thing that I read the blogs about BB or I wouldn't know who won HOH or who got nominated. And I would only have gotten the first 15 minutes of Dexter.


That is all.

I'm effing freezing over here even though I'm wearing fleece sleep pants, a shirt & a sweatshirt.


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