Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My back is going to be hurting for a week.

Here's why:

I am effing tired of relying on Mommy Dearest to take me anywhere. Tomorrow she's going to have her car fixed (it smells like burning rubber on the inside, she already has the part.)

So tomorrow I'm going to take off my car battery myself (It weighs 30+ lbs.), get her to go to Wal-mart on her way back from getting her car fixed, & have her bring me the new battery.

If she'll do it.

I'll have to put it in her trunk so that she can let the Wal-mart guys get it out & put the new one in & she won't have to lift a thing. That means that I'll have to pick it up at least three times. 1) Out of my car & onto my back porch 2) Off of my porch & onto my walker seat 3) Off of my walker & into her trunk. Then I'll have to pick up the new battery too... :-(

But, she might not want to put it in her car.

Because it might ruin her trunk.

She's like that.

She makes me sick.

Anyway, pray or chant or whatever you do that I don't injure myself too badly because I really have to go to the doctor & pay my electricity bill on Thursday.


Oh, and a big THANK YOU to Motherwise Cracks for giving me this magnificent recommendation on Entrecard:

Angelika is so awesome. She is funny, smart and has a way of writing that feels like she is talking to you - very casual. Her blogs are a natural high.

When I think of something equally appreciative, I will return the favor. :-)

AND, I was watching "VH1 Storytellers" with Snoop Dogg. He had Doug E. Fresh & his uncle Charlie Something. I think he was in The Gap Band. Charlie Wilson. I looked it up on Wikipedia.

I heard him describe the CD before. He said that this is the first time he's truly done whatever the hell he wanted on one of his albums.

Apparently, what he really wanted to do was a country song. It's called "My Medicine". (You know what kind of medicine. The kind for glaucoma.) He dedicated it to Johnny Cash.

I like it.

I like some Country anyway, but I think if you like Snoop or you like country music, you'll be humming the song once you hear it.

That is all!

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