Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The commercial I hate the MOST

It's a local commercial. For Chattanooga Jobs or something.

Anyway, the announcer says "Chatnooga". Totally dropping the second syllable. I HATE that. If you're 3, I can understand you not being able to pronounce Chat-a-noo-ga. But if you're old enough to be paid to pronounce it, do it correctly.

And why the hell did the company hire a man who can't even pronounce the name of the city properly???

Another thing I hate is when the weatherman/news anchors say "ootlwah". It's Ooltewah. Ool-teh-wah. It's lazy.

I need to take a xanax. Why the fark am I so upset about this?

Because my geedee car battery is dead. I have to rely on effing Mommy Dearest to drive me to effing Wal-mart.


Why is it that you can think of 1,000 places to go when you have no transportation??

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