Friday, April 25, 2008



h my gawd, y'all. My internet was not working yesterday!!!! I'd rather not have cable than not have internet! I was going to go to the freaking lieberry today if it wasn't back on! (And yes, I will be calling them for a credit for the 36 hours it was not working!!)

Evan is still home.

We went to the Dr. yesterday. Before we left, he said:
"Dear Baby Jesus, please let the doctor say that I don't have to go to school tomorrow."

So he got a shot, some steroids, 2 inhalers (one for school) & I told the doctor to tell him that he has to take a shower after he comes in from playing outside, which he did.

I also told him that the xanax actually IS helping my motor function. Which he could see because I WASN'T USING MY WALKER.



It was a decent day. Besides having to listen to Evan cough like he's about to die & making sure he takes breathing treatments every 4 hours, we played Mario Party (that's what I'm addicted to these days.)

He'd BETTER be better by Monday. Or my head really will explode.

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