Monday, April 07, 2008

I hope you used the right e-mail address

when you commented on my blog.

Because I just sent 200 credits to my top 4 commenters for the month of April.

Yes, I know it's only 7 days old, but if you've commented that much in 7 days, you'll probably comment like that for the rest of the month.

The lucky recipients of my generosity are:

Jillian - 12 comments
Monique - 6 comments (Even though she's on vacation, she still made the list, LOL.)
Freelance Guru - 6 comments
Casto Creations - 5 comments.

That's from 4/1 - today @ 5:26 pm.

I don't expect to do this often.

But I won that caption contest.

Have you read the Entrecard blog lately?

They're going to start a new pricing system within the next 24 hours. So y'all might want to hold onto those credits until you see what happens with pricing of ads.

That is all.

You may continue with your regularly scheduled Power Dropping. :-)

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