Monday, April 07, 2008


Yesterday after we did the laundry, we called Mommy Dearest to let her know that the new Chinese restaurant was finally open (It's been about 6 months since they bought the new bldg & started renovating.)

The old place was MD's favorite & where she took Evan whenever he did something to "please" her.

Anyway, she said she wasn't feeling well yesterday & I told her I'd call her today to see if she wanted to go.

It's a Hibachi restaurant. Isn't that the one where they cook the food right in front of you? I've been to one of those before. Didn't really like it. But if she was going to pay, I was going to go, LOL.

Anyway, Evan kept trying to talk over me & saying "She doesn't want to go!" because he knows that MD is cheap & only treats people to lunch because it's the same dishes for dinner, but at a higher price. (Makes sense, really.) So that meant that he wouldn't be able to go. He conveniently forgot that he can't go out to eat with her anyway because of his report card...

Anyway, I called her this morning.

Me - How do you feel today?
MD - *some kind of sound that sounds like 'physically I'm ok, but I don't really want to go'*
Me - Ok! I didn't really want to go anyway.
MD - But I would like some dressing (Stuffing, depending on where you're from.)
Me - I could go for some Western Sizzlin!

So we went there.

MD - You know Evan is going to ask you if you went for Chinese food today.
Me - No he won't.
MD - I bet he will.
Me - If I put my pajamas back on & put my shoes by the door, he won't think I've been anywhere, so he won't ask.

And he didn't.


Anyway, on the way back she had to pick up her dry cleaning, get some potting soil & new pots, etc.

She came back with one of the new $5 bills.

I know they change the appearance of the bills every once in a while to make them harder to counterfeit...but pretty soon our money is going to look like Monopoly money. It is very unattractive, IMO. It LOOKS like it can't be real money.


That is all.

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