Saturday, March 08, 2008

You will never guess what I did today.


Nope. If I do that I will surely blog about it ASAP.

Nevermind, you won't guess.

I bought Mommy Dearest a card.

And it's not her birthday.

Or a holiday.

I TOLD you you'd never guess.

First, as I was getting ready to go to Wal Mart I said:

"Call Nana and ask her if she wants to go. Tell her I miss my momma and we haven't seen her in forever."
E - You tell her!

So I got on the phone & told her I missed her and fake cried.

E - I can hear her laughing from here.
Me - *To Evan* She said it's cold outside and she's not going out. *To MD* Well, *sniffle* ok. We might come by and see you after we go to Wal-Mart.

So at Wal-mart I bought her a card that said "Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug" on the front and on the inside it said "There's a hug for every day of the week. I miss you."

I even gave her a hug after she read the card.

I think she almost cried.

Then we stayed a couple of hours.

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I came back with some Salsa con queso, Tang type stuff, pain relieving patches & jalapeƱo poppers. All stuff she felt like trying and didn't like.

It's the first time I ever tried the poppers. I liked them, but I can't see me buying them again. I felt a few more cellulite cells plump up on my ass with each bite.

I had those for dinner instead of the taco hot pocket. And a cupcake.

Then we watched women's Ninja Warrior.

Now I want to see Purple Rain.

I wish I had Under the Cherry Moon on DVD. It sucked, but the part about the Wrecka Stow always cracks me up. I love Jerome. :-)

Good night! :-)

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