Monday, March 10, 2008

Well Poop!


Last night I took a xanax at 10 pm. I fell asleep at approximately 5 am. So already it's not working for me. Then, of course, I had to wake up at 6 to make sure The Boy got off to school ok.

I kind of dozed.

He gets up at 5:45 so that he can watch the shows he likes that he can't watch at night anymore since he has to go to bed at 8 PM due to his slacking in school.

YESTERDAY MORNING I told him to separate the laundry.

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AND wash the dishes. AND take out the garbage. After he went to bed, I noticed that he had only separated some of the laundry & washed some of the dishes & had only tied up the garbage bag. He does this because depending on the day, I will WAKE HIM THE FUCK UP to finish doing what I told him to do at 10 am that he had all day to do.

So I hid the remote for the TV (because he is allergic to manually changing the channel or watching a recorded program)

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And I wrote him a note that said "DO NOT TURN ON THE TV until you have washed the dishes, taken out the trash & separated the laundry."

So I never heard the TV.

I never heard anything until he opened the front door.

I said, through the haze of sleep, "Bye, baby."
He said "I'm not leaving now, but bye anyway."

I thought he was taking out the trash.

Then I heard the bus.

So I looked at the clock.

7:08 am.

I'm thinking "Damn, he waited until the last minute to take out the trash & now it's probably out there on the porch where some frigging animal will get into it and spread it all over OR he's forgotten his bookbag OR he missed the bus."

So I reluctantly opened my eyes.

Garbage still in the kitchen.

Dishes still in the sink.

Went upstairs

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Clothes still all over the place.

So now I'm pissed.

This is why I will have to beat him.

Not really.

But only because I can't catch him anymore.

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Remember when I talked about watching the Lunar Eclipse and how some cat got in the house?

Well now, every time Evan opens the front door, the cat is right there. Tries to get in the house. He pushes her away. She thinks it's a game. She rolls onto her back.

Now he wants a cat.

I'm allergic to cats.


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I still remember when I got him the damned hamster & I was the one cleaning out that cage. Not him. He barely even played with the thing. I got Alex (the hamster) one of those rolling balls so that he could run all around the house. I played with the hamster. Evan was afraid to touch him. (I think Evan was 7 or something) but he sure cried like he'd lost his best friend when the nocturnal fucker who disturbed my sleep so much (back when I could sleep) finally died.

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Every time I try to type Ever, I type Every. IN THIS POST, when I tried to type Every, I typed Ever.

All day I've been making typos.

Ees peeseen me off!

And I don't remember what I had originally been going to blog about...


I reckon I'll go wash the damned dishes & mop the kitchen floor and try to think of an appropriate psychological punishment torture for THE DAMNED BOY.

OMG. Did you watch "Everybody hates Chris" last night?

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It was SOOOOOO FUNNY when he accidentally yelled at his Mother and then the next scene showed him in the hospital & he had an x-ray which showed her pump up his butt.


When I see stuff like that, I really wonder if white people "Get it".

I believe EVERY black child in the world has accidentally said something smart or raised their voice to their mother & gotten that same look on her face. That "Have you lost your mind?!? Who the fuck do you think you're talking to!??!" look. And that same black child has had that "Oh shit! Now I'm about to die" expression on their face the second after they said whatever it was.

HA! I think I rewound that about 20 times just to see Chris' face right after he realized what he'd done, LOL.

Once I had a dream that I called Mommy Dearest a bitch. But it was sooooo realistic that I really didn't know if it had actually happened. I assume it didn't, beause I'm still alive & have all of my limbs. But of course I can't ask her. Right now she just thinks I think she's an Evil Bitch from Hell & that I hate her. But it's never been confirmed.

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It's how we can continue to have this superficial relationship for Evan's sake.

Because once you SAY the words, you can't take them back. And SHE is not mature/self aware enough to accept how I really feel about her and keep on going for someone else's benefit.

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So we pretend to get along.

And I have to go wash the dishes before the water gets cold.

But I bet I'll be back later.

With some other random shit.

Because I got no sleep.

And if I nap, this whole vicious cycle of 2 hours of sleep a night will start all over again.


I'm taking a break from the xanax. And I'm going to start taking my Anti depressant at night since it always makes me sleepy.

So I'll need to do something to stay awake all effing day.


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