Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Well I finished Duma Key

I feel the kind of sadness I feel whenever I finish a book that I really liked. I want to know what happens next with the characters.

I'll probably read it again.

The whole book was good, but it got "Sitting on the edge of your seat" good in the last few chapters.

The story is of Edgar Freemantle who is a building contractor in Minnesota. He's happily married with 2 grown daughters.

One day, he goes to the job site and is hit by a crane that isn't making that "beep beep" noise as it backs into his truck.

He loses his right arm, breaks a few ribs & a hip, etc.

When it's clear that he'll survive. His wife tells him that she wants a divorce.

Anyway, he moves to Duma Key, Florida to wait it out until he can kill himself without the insurance company being suspicious, or making his daughters feel the stigma of a father who committed suicide.

While he's there, he remembers that he used to draw. (Lucky for him, he's a lefty.) So he starts drawing. And his right "arm" starts itching furiously.

While he's in these 'fugue states' the pictures that he draws (and eventually paints) are kind of psychic & very creepy.

While he's doing his rehab (walking on the beach for longer distances each day), he meets Wireman (I love Wireman). A former lawyer who is now the caretaker for an elderly lady named Elizabeth something.

That's all I'm telling you.

Read the book.

You can watch a short video of Stephen King describing Duma Key HERE. You can also download a PDF of the first chapter of Duma Key HERE.

Now I go to start reading again.

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