Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tuesday Memeage - 3/4/08

10 on Tuesday - Your Favorite Drinks

1. Tropicana Sugar Free OrangeAde
2. Sprite Zero
3. Peach Citrus Fresca
4. Green Apple Smirnoff Twister
5. Hot Chocolate
6. Cherry Pomegranate Crystal Light
7. Crystal Light Peach Mango
8. Brandy, lemon & Sprite
9. Cosmopolitan
10. Wal-mart Brand Cherry Limeade (like Crystal Light)

Heads or Tails - 7 Things from any category

My 7 Favorite Reality TV Shows (in no particular order)

1. Gone Country
2. My Big Redneck Wedding
3. Survivor
4. Celebrity Rehab
5. Flavor of Love
6. Salt & Pepa
7. Dinner Impossible

I can't wait for Celebrity Fit Club to start!! I am NOT enjoying this Big Brother couples thing.

Tina's Tuesdays
Topic: Traveling Back In Time

If you could travel back in time...

I would not go back in time for any reason IRL. But I'll go with this because I have nothing about which to blog anyway.

1. Where would you go? Woodstock
2. Who would you see? Jimi Hendrix
3. What would you do? Watch the concert, dur.

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