Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Second Day of Spring Break

Mommy Dearest came over on Sunday because her church was starting late and decided to feed the people before the sermon (don't people get sleepy after they eat?). MD NEVER eats at the church socials because she doesn't know how clean the cook's houses are (or if they wash their hands, etc) and a lot of people can't cook well. She'll eat KFC or whatever, but nothing from "The Home of -----".

So she came over to rant about how they should have let everyone know that they were on CP time and would start church at 4:30-5 instead of the usual 11 am. She purposefully goes 30 minutes late so that she can miss the announcements & "testilying" as she calls it. (So she might have missed that particular announcement...)

Anyway, she watched Al Green videos on Youtube (dur). Long enough so that she got hungry. So we got pizza. (Evan could eat pizza every day.) Her treat. :-)

MD - Why do you take an anti depressant?
Me - To not be depressed. (In my usual "are you an idiot?" tone.)
MD - That's what I thought. My hair dresser takes one. But she always seems happy. So I don't know why.
Me - Well maybe because she's on the right medicine. (In a "duh" tone.) When I worked, no one knew when I was depressed because I hid it well. AND a lot of people (meaning her in particular) think depression and "crazy" are the same thing. They don't understand that it's biological. A chemical imbalance in the brain. So they look down on people with depression. Or think that they're going to start shooting on top of a clock tower or something.
MD - I know her husband is Bi-polar.
Me - That's manic depressive. Sometimes he's "high", sometimes he's "low".
MD - Yeah, I can tell by the way he acts. But she is always cheerful.
Me - Well good. And it means she trusted you if she told you about it. So don't say anything smart to her like "You need to take your medicine." like you do to me.
MD - I don't do that.
Me - Not anymore...

Here's a story.

MD always hated my SIL. ALWAYS. She & my brother were together for 10 years or something with one child before they got married.

MD always looked down on my SIL because she grew up on welfare & "in the hood". (Like that was her fault or something she could control.)

Anyway, she'd always smile to SIL's face, but then talk about her after she left. Like "She stinks" & "She is so ghetto". All kinds of shit. When my niece started spending the night with her, MD would always wash her clothes & make her take a bath & shampoo her hair because she didn't like the "ghetto smell" coming from the child.

One day, I told my SIL how 2 faced my mother was, just in case she was fooled (like everyone else who isn't related to her seems to be). It turned out that my brother had already told her how my mother is.

Anyway, MD found out about it & called all of us to her house to "Discuss her will."

She used that meeting instead to tell them that I was crazy (I was 19 at the time.) and not to believe anything that came out of my mouth. She told them that I had to take "crazy pills" & that's why she had made me move out. Because she was afraid I'd kill her.

In reality, I moved out because I hated her fucking guts & one day I'd just had enough. I got my savings acct book from her safe (to which my dad had given me the combination before he died "just in case"), got a car & got an apartment & moved the fuck out.

Back to the story.

They didn't believe a word of it. My brother had grown up in the same house that I did. He knew how much MD lies. Knew how much MD hated SIL & knew that I had been telling the truth all along. She was just embarrassed to be BUSTED & was trying to make ME look mental so that they'd disregard anything I said about her.

She never did discuss her will.

BTW, a few years later, when I had her other daughter arrested for assaulting my son, MD said she'd cut me out of her will if I didn't drop the charges. My response was "GOOD! I'm tired of pretending to give a shit about what you think & trying to do things that you'd approve of just so that I get some big payoff when you're finally dead."

I cannot express how freeing that was, LOL. I seriously had been trying not to "tick her off" so that she wouldn't leave me out of the will. But when she threatened me with that, I realized that I was OVER IT. I'd been making my own way since I was 19 & I would continue to do so. With or without her help.

After that, I didn't speak to her for about a year. Because she forbade me to come into her house. The excuse she gave was that since I had tried to beat the fuck out of her other daughter for assaulting Evan, she didn't know if I'd try to do the same thing to her. (People, I decided loooooong ago that she is not worth me going to jail. That's the only reason I haven't killed her. I'm afraid of prison.) She said Evan could come, just not me. I was like "The hell if I'll let my child into your house & not be there to supervise! Who knows what you'll do or say to him!"

My grandmother finally got into it. Tried to guilt me for not going to MD's house EVER. I told her that MD had told me not to come into her house anymore.

After that, miraculously, MD allowed me into her house again. We both knew she was only doing that because 1) Her mother finally knew the truth about what had kept me away and 2) she was missing seeing Evan grow up because of her lying, two-faced, manipulative ass.

End of Story.

So she told me that she had bought Michael Jackson's 25th Anniversary CD & DVD. I told her to bring it over so I could burn it. And she said she wanted Evan to help her with some shit in her house and as a reward, she'd buy him a whole new comforter, curtains, all that stuff for his room. (It's been killing her not to be able to spoil him while he's on Report Card punishment, LOL.)

So that's where he is today. Helping MD move some shit.

My brother used to be the one she called for all of this. But he finally got fed up with her too. Rarely answers her calls. Especially if she's only calling for manual labor.

Evan's still at the age where he wants to help. As long as he likes it and doesn't feel guilted into it, I'm cool with it.

That is all. :-)

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