Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I don't normally like cartoons, but every once in a while I find one I like.

Pucca is one of the shows Evan got me hooked on. He was always talking about Garu & Abyo (the Bruce Lee look alike) so finally, I agreed to watch it one day.

I fell in love with it. Now I record it for ME. Screw Evan, LOL. I don't care if he gets to see the new episodes before I delete them, LOL.

Pucca is a little Japanese girl that is in love with Garu, a little ninja boy. He acts like he can't stand her. He's always running away from her or hiding. But she always gets him in the end and gives him a kiss.

She lives in a little village with 3 fathers. One is black, one looks Italian, and I don't remember what the other father looks like right this second.

Anyway, Santa is in every episode.

The Police Chief is Abyo's father & after everything he says, he says "Over."

Abyo rips his shirt in half in every episode.

And Pucca kicks ass every episode. (Maybe that's why I like it? Girl power!)

It's a really cute show. I don't remember what network, but I know it's Jetix (The same station as Power Freaking Rangers.) I looked it up. It's on Toon Disney. Go HERE to see info about the show.

I love the theme song. I know all the words. I watch it every time instead of zapping through it (unlike most shows I watch).

If you have kids (or if you're a big kid yourself) check it out. :-)

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