Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pop Fiction

So I was just about to watch "The View" (Yes, I watch that sometimes. Tori Spelling was on today. I think she & her husband are a cute couple. Baby Liam is adorable!) and I noticed a show called "Pop Fiction" was about to come on E!

So I recorded it.

The premise is that celebs are tired of all of the bogus stories that are printed in tabloids & on celebrity websites so they do things just to see what lies will be made up.

First story was Paris Hilton. She was put with this dude (I can't remember what he said his actual 'occupation' was. Hiker or something.) who looked like a Swami. Or whatever.

All they did was drive around & stop at places. She bought a religious book & predicted that the stories would say that she's converting to the new religion. The Paparazzi instantly started calling the dude her Guru. They bought fake diamonds & Paris gave one to some woman and told her that the "Guru" had told her to give it away because "The greatest gift is giving."

That is ALL she said in public.

But I'm sure YOU remember hearing all the news stories about Paris Hilton's Guru.

The next story was Avril Lavigne's "baby bump".

She said every other month some tabloid is saying that she's preggers. So she put on some shirt that made her look like she was pregnant & went to a store that sells baby things.

She did not say anything in public.

By the end of the day, her "baby bump" photos were on the web. The mainstream media picked up the story.

I must say that I LOVE THIS PREMISE!

I don't pay much attention to celebrity news. I do, occasionally, hear some stupid crap that is unbelievable. (Like Paris Hilton starting a foundation to save Drunk Elephants.) But it is nice to know that she & other celebs are finally having some fun at the expense of the media.

I can't believe the shit they have to go through.

Can you imagine if you were just going to Wal-mart & 50 people jumped out of their cars to get your picture & shouting your name & asking what you bought? Every time you stepped out of your house???

The dude with Paris said "If I had to go through this every day, I'd be one of those people who punched the photographers. This is crazy."

It certainly shows a different perspective to this tabloid society in which we live.

The tag line of the show is "Next time you read a tabloid, ask yourself 'Is this real? Or is this Pop Fiction?'"

Check it out.

I'll be watching from now on. :-)

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