Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Laziness has its benefits!

First, I slept all night last night. I drank a Smirnoff Ice & took my AD at about 8.

(If you're reading this, I DO NOT RECOMMEND OR ENDORSE MIXING ALCOHOL AND DRUGS!. MS has made my body's reaction to drugs and alcohol crazy, though. Aspirin sometimes makes me sleepy, as does caffeine. But then allergy pills that are supposed to cause drowsiness wake me up.)

Anyway, at around noon I got sleepy again.

So I got in bed & started trying to watch "CIA Secrets" (or something, I recorded it on the National Geographic channel).

Next thing I know, I hear keys.

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So I looked over at the computer & saw Evan. (He's been banned from the computer ever since I got his progress report)

I said "Boy, you'd better not be on that computer!"

No response.

Me - "BOY!!!"

So I opened my eyes.

Yes, I had been dreaming. It was like 1:10 pm.

So then I started re-watching the CIA thing because it had ended.

Then I start hearing stomping. Evan always comes down the stairs like a herd of bison or something.

Me - WHY are you making so much noise? WHY do you always have to stomp down the stairs?

No response.

Me - Evan?

I opened my eyes.

Another dream.

Whatever. I finally decided that the CIA thing was putting me to sleep.

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I forget what I watched then, but I started thinking about doing the damned laundry.

Every week I tell the boy to make sure he has at least 5 shirts & 5 pairs of pants to be washed (in addition to socks & underwear). But every week, he manages to run out of shirts or pants??? (This is also disregarding all the extra clothes I've bought him because I'm too lazy to do the laundry sometimes...all the time. Shut up.)

The washer is not eating the shirts. I don't know WTF is up. All I know is that he has about 4 pairs of clean pants & no shirts appropriate for school. (They have stains or holes or I just don't like the shirt & won't let him wear it in public.)

So I'm thinking about having to do the effing laundry on a freaking Tuesday.

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He finally gets home (about an hour after my last dream of him being home already) and says he wants to go somewhere.

Me - Well, we have to go to the laundromat.
E - I don't want to do that!
Me - ME EITHER! But you said you don't have any clean shirts.
E - Well I found one. It was still in the basket. (Nevermind that I always tell him to HANG UP HIS CLOTHES WHEN WE GET HOME FROM DOING THE LAUNDRY.)
Me - Well then call your Nana and ask her if she'll take you somewhere because I am not going anywhere.

So he did.

MD - Well where do you want to go?
E - I don't care. I just don't want to be here.
MD - Your mommy will let you go somewhere with me on a school night?
E - I guess.
Me - I don't care.
E - She said she doesn't care.
MD - Well, I'll bring you to my house.
E - OK!
MD - I'll be there in a minute.

So I said "Hey! Get 5 pairs of pants & 5 shirts and ask Nana if she'll wash them since you're going to be over there anyway & then we don't have to do the laundry.

E - She's going to say we called her just to use her again.
Me - Whatever. She doesn't have to do it. But it doesn't hurt to ask.
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Evan's gone. :-)

Mommy Dearest is doing the laundry. :-)

I'm listening to 80s music and trying to earn enough credits to advertise on Kevin's blog again. :-)

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I play Bejeweled while I wait for the 50 pages that I open at a time to load. (I have found some great blogs for this week's High Five Friday). I finally scored over 1,000,000 on the timed version of Bejeweled. I'm addicted to that game.

And I'm happy!

Really happy.

I've been commenting my bootie off today. (I wish typing burned more calories, because then I really would have typed some of my bootie off today.)

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I'm off to do more dropping & commenting. Ta!

**Update** 5:52 PM

OMG! I just did it again! Scored over a million points on Bejeweled. WHEEEEEEEE!

LOL! (I know, I'm insane. I just watched a frigging cat fight (actual cats) on youtube...)

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