Friday, March 28, 2008

High Five Friday & other crap

So yesterday MD was over here to bring us some ribs that she grilled. She brought them right after she grilled them so they did not taste like perfume (YAY!). Anyway, she said she was going to Wal-mart today & I told her that I wanted to go with her because we need some milk & whatnot.

Today my back is killing me. I tried from 10 am to 11:12 am (when she showed up) to call & tell her that I didn't feel like going with her. She was watching Barack Obama on "The View" so she took the phone off the hook. Even though she recorded it. I think she has a new crush. (He kind of looks like my nephews, though. Ew.)

She wanted me to print some Martha Stewart recipe for her. I had no printer paper. She told me to write down what paper I needed (I told her just regular white copier paper. She still made me write it down.) and she'd get some for me. She said if she remembered, she'd come back. But if she didn't, I wouldn't see her again today.

2 hours after she left, I started thinking "Damn. Last time I tried to start the car, it didn't want to start. I'd better go see if it will car start today." (I don't start my car every day, or even every week. Had I thought about it, I would have started it every day just to keep it charged.)

Of course, it didn't start.

So while I'm out there wondering who the hell to call to take my battery off & take it up to Wal-mart to get a new battery, she pulls up.

MD - "Where are YOU going???"
Me - Nowhere. After you left I remembered that my car didn't want to start the last time I drove it so I thought I'd check. So I need you to take me to the grocery store to get some milk.
MD - I brought you some milk & some paper.
Me - YAY! I still need bread and other stuff for the boy this weekend. (She brought me 1% milk. Better than Whole milk, but not my usual Skim.)
MD - *dramatic sigh* I have meat in the trunk.
Me - Well go home & put it in the fridge. I can wait. (I was wearing clothes & my house shoes.)
MD - No. Once I get home I'm not coming back out.

So I hopped in the car & we went to the grocery store where I tried to remember the crap that Evan actually eats & enough to last for a week or so. I did ask her to take us to do the laundry on Sunday. She said "I'm getting sick of y'all."


So Evan comes home breathless & tells me that he MUST go back to the Civil War Reenactment that they're having this weekend (He went there on a field trip today.) because he'd left his jacket.

Me - Well maybe one of the teachers there saw it and will take it back to school.
Evan - But they're only going to be there this weekend!
Me - Well I can't take you anywhere because the car won't start.
Evan - WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY won't the car start?
Me - I don't care! Call Nana and ask her to take you.

So she made me go with them. She didn't know where it was being held (Neither did I, but she gets very flustered very easily & would rather be lost with me than with a 12 year old boy, LOL.) Once again, I got into the car with my house shoes on.

Evan kept saying that he knew the way. *Imagine me rolling my eyes.*

So we're in the car and he's trying to tell Nana about some of the people that he saw there.

Me - Evan, where did the school bus turn?
Evan - After the grocery store. So anyway, the guy said -
Me - Did he turn left or right?
Evan - Right I think. The guy said -
MD - This is why I need you here. So you can translate his directions.
Evan - The guy said -
Me - Evan. You can tell us about the guy AFTER we've gotten to the reenactment, ok? There's a sign. It's pointing left. Turn here. Right here. LEFT HERE!

Of course she passed the turn & had to turn around.

So we got there & everybody knew my mother (the men directing traffic). She used to substitute teach so everyone (including the kids who've gotten older & fatter & had kids of their own) still calls her Mrs. Lastname.

Evan & I went to the first tent & told them about his jacket. Left a # for them to call. Blah blah. I had to walk over all those ginormous rocks with my house shoes on. House shoes are not made for walking outside on gravel/rocks. Neither is a wheeled walker...

Then MD brought us home and said she was sick of us & she wasn't coming in.

Me - Not even to watch AL?
MD - Well, maybe.
Evan - Aaaaaaaaaalllll. Aaaaaaaallllllllll.
MD - You guys are just trying to pacify me by bringing up Al.
Me - Maybe you want to get home so you can watch Obama again.
MD - No! Just for that, I'm coming in to watch Al.

***2½ hours later***

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