Friday, March 28, 2008

Bulimic or Pregnant? *Possibly TMI*

A couple of weeks ago I was using the bathroom & I kept hearing gagging. I thought it was Evan making some noise to get on my nerves (He does that constantly) so I yelled:

"What the H E Double Hockey Sticks are you doing?"

He comes to the bottom of the stairs and says "What?"

Then I realized that it was next door. (The walls are really thin here. Which is why I have a radio in the bathroom that comes on automatically when I turn on the light, so that no one will hear me when I'm taking care of bidness.)

It wasn't normal vomiting sounds.

I don't know about you, but when I vomit, it's forceful & I can barely catch my breath.

This sounded like catching your breath, shoving your finger down your throat, then doing it again when the stuff that hits the bowl isn't as much as you expected.

Because the plops DO NOT sound like a full dinner or whatever. (Yes, the walls are that thin. So thin that I know if it's a woman or a man using the bathroom from the sound of the liquid hitting the water in the bowl.)

Anyway, I assumed that she ate something bad.

But since then I've noticed that when the kids (In general, not hers. Hers are about 2 & not yet toddling.) are at school & the employed people are at work, she's in the bathroom vomiting.

I don't know this woman.

I barely use the front door.

What I know is that her husband/baby daddy doesn't do ANYTHING to take care of the kids when she's not there. I can always tell when she's not there because both babies are screaming. Then she gets home and says "I can hear them crying from outside! Where were you!?!?"

I can understand if she's bulimic. It has to be stressful having 2 children in diapers & no help from your live in man. Maybe that's how she deals with it?

But God help her if she's pregnant.

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