Monday, March 10, 2008

Alexandra tagged me!

*UPDATE* this is the 3rd time I've edited the title of this post. Alexandra tagged me, but in my sidebar I call her Anastasia. I always remembered that because it has something to do with a Prince song. I'm losing my mind!!! Read the comments, LOL.*

It's her first meme. So I'm cooperating. Because I don't think she knows how much I hate being tagged.

Even though she spelled my name Angelica.

But I think Beckii might have told her to do that, because she spells it right in her sidebar...


5 random things about me:
1. All day today I've been cracking the eff up because I was sitting here earlier & told Evan to be quiet (or something) and he got up really fast and started running over here like he was going to do something to me. Next thing I know, he's flat on the floor because he tripped over something he left on the floor.

I had to hold my breath, because I didn't know if he was hurt.

Then he said "Well, that was funny." & I started cracking up!

OMG. My eyes are tearing up. Every few minutes I think about it and just start laughing really hard and he's like "DON'T THINK ABOUT ME FALLING!"

Ha! He cracks me up. That wasn't really about me, but I just had to tell it.

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5 places I want to see or see again:

1. Berlin (again)
2. Prague
3. New Mexico (again)
4. Atlanta, Ga (again)
5. Japan

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