Monday, February 18, 2008

Um...yeah. Tried it. Never again.

So yesterday, we woke up & the Biography of Jimi Hendrix had recorded. I really didn't know anything about him except "Purple Haze". But after watching it, he reminded me a lot of 80s Prince. Shy. Musical Genius.

What went on with the drugs & stuff later on reminds me of what I think is going on with Britney Spears NOW. But anyway.

Then Mommy Dearest came over to see our new door & she brought the "Roots" DVD with her. She said "I don't know if Evan should watch it now. But it's your choice..."

I'd been asking her for months if she had it on DVD & not VHS.

So of course we started watching it immediately, LOL.

She's so "old fashioned". I assume it was the boobage going on that made her think he shouldn't see it.

I feel that it's hypocritical of me to freak out when he sees boobs on a movie. People act like African boobs are OK to see on National Geographic but have an anyeurysm when it's white boobies (not that there ARE any white breasts in Roots, but WTFever.) As long as it's not in a sexual context, I don't see the problem.

OMG. EVERY TIME this boy uses the PC, he puts i-tunes on "Repeat 1 song". I hate that.

Entyway, that's what I'm NOT going to try again, LOL.

Him "Guest Posting" on my blog.

I think he gets "stage fright".

In person, he's really funny & really smart. But unless I'm asking him questions like on a video blog or voice blog, he doesn't know what to say.

I TOLD HIM to write about what he thought about Jimi Hendrix & the first 2 parts of Roots. But did he??? NO. *sigh*

Then he didn't even turn the PC off.

I fell asleep watching "A Beautiful Mind" & then I wake up and see this glowing green light from over here. Nothing should be glowing over here at night.

So that's why I'm online at O'dark thirty.

To shut the computer down.

But I decided to post first, LOL.

My back hurts. Did I say that already?

Back to the heating pad.


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