Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Blog Award & Random Stuff

There's a lot that has happened related to my blog the past few days. With my back hurting & all, I haven't really kept up with it.

So, here's what I think happened, LOL.

1. Randi gave me an award.

Wheeeeeeee! Someone who doesn't call me "Too Outspoken", LOL.

Another person gave me the Blogger's Excellence Award (or something), but I can't remember who. (Sorry)

2. I won the first round of the Blogger's Cup at the Get Traffic Blog. So thank you to anyone who voted for me. :-)

3. Bebo Author was my BEST Entrecard Advertiser ever. I got 103 clicks from her blog to mine in ONE DAY! That was awesome. :-)

4. I think it was Claire who gave me 500 Entrecard credits too? I don't know. And I can't find the e-mail that told me about it (and apparently Entrecard doesn't keep up with that kind of stuff...)

5. Getting Gruntled wrote me a really nice recommendation out of the blue:

There's a certain type of insight that only shows up when you get that second-wind during an all-nighter. Angelika has these all the time. Must be the insomnia. That and the appreciation of her son, and for good actors, to boot!

6. Crafter BS also wrote me a recommendation. I have to admit, I don't remember seeing her blog before. (So soddy)

Really cool blog. I'm an insomniac myself. And that Hugh is just tooooo darn cute, and I'm so glad to see his face on your blog!

With posts like this one, though, I will be stopping back often, LOL.

I don't remember what else.

Did I tell you that the Dr. recommended I take the xanax twice a day?

I'm pretty sure that's why my back hurts so bad. Going from 2 hours of sleep a day to 16 (or something) is just too much. So for the past 3 days I only take it at night.

Which is why I haven't been keeping up with my TV show synopses.

I don't even remember what the hell came on in the past 4 or 5 days, LOL.

That is all.

I must go post whore at JJHF or I'll be truncated at the end of the month posting totals...

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