Friday, February 22, 2008

About yesterday's Thursday 30 & Whatnot

Do you know what I realized yesterday?

A LOT of my favorite Prince songs were not on there!

I finally realized that I had basically only imported "The Hits" CDs and whatever MD had brought over here for me to burn a copy for her.


So I imported ALL of my Prince CDs, LOL. (Well, all of them that I really like, meaning pre-"Lost my effing mind so I'm changing my name from TAFKAP back to Prince & becoming a Jehovah's Witness Prince".


I haven't heard some of these songs in so long!

It's like seeing an old friend.

Listening to: Prince & The Revolution - Do U Lie?
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I realized why my back has been hurting sooooooo bad.

(Guys might want to skip to the next section).

It was my freaking period.

I honestly don't keep up with it when I'm not having sex, LOL.

That isn't really funny.

The other day, MD & I were in the car & I was talking about how I wish I could have a fucking hysterectomy because my period is just irritating.

MD - Well, I remember the days when getting my period was a relief.
Me - Well since I'm NOT GETTING ANY, I don't need that particular relief right now!

Anyway, with the combination of xanax & sleeping so much, I thought that was the problem.

But then I was surprised (unpleasantly) yesterday with the arrival of the Evil Aunt Flo.

Listening to: Prince - Forever In My Life
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Last night my back was hurting so bad that I had Evan rub my ENTIRE BACK with Ben Gay.

I kept telling him to rub harder on my lower back.

I finally said "Act like you're trying to shave my skin off with your hands!!!"

I think he was afraid of hurting me.

Then I told him to sit on my back, LOL.

The pressure felt sooooooooooo gooooooood.

Then when I wanted to breath again, I had him rub Active On on my lower back & laid on the heating pad.

Listening to: Prince - Feel U Up
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When I got up this morning, I felt much better.

So before I start feeling like crap again from sitting in this chair for hours, I'm going back to the heating pad.

Pray (or whatever you do) that this extreme back pain goes away when my fucking period goes away, please.


Listening to: Prince - Gett Off
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