Thursday, January 31, 2008

YAY!! & Random thoughts

I got 200 Entrecard Credits today.

100 from Bebo Author just for commenting. (I knew adding my $.02 would pay off one day!)

100 from jDonuts for winning a Link Love contest. (I'd forgotten all about that, LOL.)

Halle Berry needs to change the spelling of her name.
As I was shaking the dew off my lily, I started wondering why so many people call her Holly.

Me *in my head* - It's spelled H-A-L-L-E. So it should be pronounced Hal-lee.

Walking downstairs to get online

Me *in my head* - OH! It's spelled like Hall with an E at the end of it. Obviously, no one would name their daughter Hall...but maybe that's why people call her Holly. Because they refuse to believe that she actually knows how to pronounce her own name.

Just to clarify. I do not like Halle Berry. I think she's a victim. I think she enjoys being a victim or she wouldn't be one so often. BUT it really drives me crazy when people mispronounce her name.

So, to encourage her to change her name to Halee or Glenda the Good Witch, I'll be changing my name to it's original African spelling.


Not really.

Ew, LOL.

Also Random
Does anybody know WTF Ms. Jackson is saying in Feedback? This is the first time I've listened to a song for this long and still not known all of the words.

It's crazy.

Dear Ms. Jackson,

When you are singing a song, your enunciation should be as defined as your abs. It is very irritating for your fans to love your song to death and not be able to sing along. (The fact that my singing sounds like a cat being tortured is not important....)

Please take some diction lessons.


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